Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 Mar 2014

Dear mom,

Things here have been slow for the most part, we ended up dropping
most if not all of our investigators, and started over. It's been a
little harder but we have managed to find some new people to talk with
so things have been working out good for us. We went and Tracted a new
neighborhood that hasn't seen missionaries in a long time so we had
quite a bit of success and a couple of return appointments for
Tuesday. At least one of them actually seems promising.

Does Sydney respond better to Sydney or shadow, which ever she
responds to better should be her name. I suppose champ is still being
lazy. Is he still super protective of Sydney?

Nothing to exciting happened this week. We did a lot more tracking
than we really wanted to and at first it worked well. Which is how we
found everyone we did.

Elder mellor is from Murray Utah. Different part of Murray from where
we lived. It's been another adventure in getting to know him a little
bit better, we have two completely different ways of doing anything.
Teaching, finding, p-day activities, grocery shopping... Everything.

As far as missionary business cards go we already have all kinds of
pass along cards to give out. We usually just write our names and
phone numbers on the back of the cards. So there is no need or use for
even more types of cards.

Nursery must have been a fun experience. So you don't get to play
grandma every Sunday? Oh well. A lot of the members here in
Gainesville related their testimony to the topic of missionary work.
Either that or that is all I heard because that's what I was listening
for. Either way it was cool.

I have found it a lot easier to write letters home while roaming
around on p-day. Now that we don't have to spend 2 solid hours sitting
at computers. I can sit and write it when I have the time to do it. I
can just sit down and write it anywhere then the letter will send when
I find some wifi

Sounds to me like everything is going well back home. I hope things
continue to go well for y'all. Love y'all

Elder Ogilvie

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