Tuesday, April 23, 2013

22 April 2013

dear mom,

we had a pretty busy week. we were always off to go find someone new.we did a lot of trying to find new investigators and it did work. its also been raining on us every time we have to go use our bikes. it hasn't really been raining super hard. just enough to make sure that everyone and everything get and stays wet.whats really fun to watch is how since its still hot out side most of the time the rain almost as soon as it hits the roads it just evaporates.

thank you for sending me the email addresses for the rest of the family. its greatly appreciated.

it sounds to me like just about everything has changed since the last time i got to see everyone and it hasn't even been one whole year. things change out here all the time i don't even know half of whats going on in any given moment because it probably just changed 5 seconds ago. that seems to happen a lot.

I'm pretty sure i told you already but i will say it again. not this transfer but the next one there will be sister missionaries coming to Palatka to serve along side the elders that are already here. so while BYU and other colleges are losing students, heavenly father is gaining teachers. so it all works out.

we do have a family that will with the lords help be getting both married and baptized this week. that is what we are looking forward to seeing all of that go through. all of the plans have been made now its all about getting it all done. there have been quite a few little miracles that have happened since we started teaching this family. and the closer that the baptism gets the more small miracles are occurring.

things are going pretty good for now. i hope that thing are still alright at home.

Elder Ogilvie

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

15 April 2013

Dear mom,

thank you for the letter. it sounds to me like the family is staying busy. i'm sorry to hear that springs family is out sick.things have been pretty busy out here. yesterday turned into quite the adventure president interviews were yesterday, along with it being fast Sunday we also did not have the car because it was the other elders time to have it. so we took our bikes. the weather however was not going to cooperate with us. by time we got to our dinner appointment not five minutes later. it started to pour like a waterfall on our location. then it proceeded to strike lightning very close to where the member lived. very close (too close). we were also a long bike ride from both our house and the church building. we managed to get the Palatka 2nd missionaries to come pick us up. when they got there i had to run out in the rain to but our bikes on the bike rack. when i went out to do it the driveway and yard had flooded around where the cars were parked. the whole place was 3 inches deep in water. After raining for maybe 45 minutes.

that's about the most exciting thing that has happened this week. i am still constantly surrounded by other missionaries all the time. even if all we are doing is giving the car to other missionaries or getting the car from them. i really do miss being out in the country areas that i've been in. that being said i do like it here.

also i don't know if you know but they have changed the rules for who we can email. it has been expanded to include friends as well as family. being where i am now. its much easier to take the time to do emails, than it is to find time to write a letter. so if you could ensure that i have the email addresses of everyone in the family that would be nice. :)

Love and miss you all

Elder Ogilvie.

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 April 2013

dear mom
im sorry you are once again surrounded by snow. its still nice and sunny out here. general conference has been the big highlight of the week. we saw all of the sessions at the chapel here in palatka. we didnt have any of our investigators show up for any of the sessions. they were all either sick or dependant on someone who is sick. we did however see some of palatka 2nds investigators show up for the 2nd session on sunday.(palatka 1&2 share the same building) the missionaries in interlachen had to come watch priesthood session with our ward because their building does not have a satalite dish. the fun thing that happened for priesthood session is that the wards in our area all got together and had a really good bar-b-que right before. i know there were people from atleast 3 different wards.
our mission boundries have not changed yet. they will change in july when we get our new mission president. it is almost certain that we will lose the savannah zone.( the big area at the top of the mission ). i can't say for certain how much of kingsland ( the next one down ) we will lose. we may lose all of it. its still very possible that i could end up in the georgia macon mission in july. only the lord knows.
we found out yesterday that with the increase of sister missionaries comming into field. the palatka first ward ( the one i'm in ) will be getting sister missionaries alongside the elders already here. ( elders and sister in the same ward and area.) so now the mission office has us looking for a place to house the sisters. they are suppose to be coming in, the beginning of may. what ever the trasfer date is. so that will be a fun adventure to have over the next week.
hope you are doing well at home. have fun at work.
Elder Ogilvie

Monday, April 1, 2013

1 April 2013

Dear mom
being in palatka is wonderful. my companion has been out two transfers longer than i have. however with the way things are its more like i have 3 companions. since we are around the palatka 2nd elders a lot trading the car back and forth, p-day activities and so forth.
twice now this week has failed at our apartment. all of the plumbing for the complex keeps springing leaks. and our apartment is the only place we can go to do our laundry. the other elders have to come to our place to do theirs to. 4 missionaries 2 machines.
i did get the easter box and it did come on saturday. we were given a lot of candy and chocolate for easter. just like we got alot for christmas. thank you for the candy you sent us. it is much appreciated. this morning we had a member randomly drop by and give us each another huge bowl of easter candy. not to mention the feast that we got invited to yesterday.
we had a wonderful easter program at church, we had the primary sing, and we had either the stake president speak or it was one of his councellor speak, i cant remember which. along with the rest of his family. we also got an investigator who kept promising us that she would come to church and then not come to church. that was the best part of the week.
im glad you have evrything under control back at home. that is really exciting to find out that heidi and john are having their first child. i hope things ware still going well for alex and logan.
why was the boat in the garage? oh and before i forget the mission office needs to know what ward you are in now? the name of the ward and the ward number. your bishop should be able to get that information to you.
thank you for the easter basket hope all is well back home till i send another letter.
Elder Ogilvie