Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Dear mom

yesterday was he coldest day so far. the humidity is really what makes the weather cold. but everything is sill very much green. the only white we see out here is gators getting into the baptismal font. but that is the best place to see white for a missionary. October isn't even over and you are all only one event planned that far out. that is the Christmas mission Conference. beyond that there really isn't any major events going on just the individual ward parties. the last one i missed because Elder Robinson and myself were in cross city for 48 hours doing companion exchanges with them in their area. it was a unique experience to be even farther into the middle of nowhere Florida.

it sounds o me like you will be busy up in Boise with spring and Craig going through the Boise temple open house. that is really what i miss more than anything else is going through the temple. the one closes o the mission is the Orlando Florida temple. i hope you have lots of fun.

give champ lots of love for me. i will be sure to change my home address with the mission office
do you have my bishops e-mail address?

Elder Ogilvie

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

dear mom

its good to hear from you again. thing seem to be going well out here. this last week was quite the adventure. elder Robinson had to go off to District leader training so i spent two whole days with the elders in Chiefland. it was quite a bit of fun to go essentially follow them around and learn how they do missionary work. then on Friday i went off to work with one of my fantastic zone leaders. that Friday also happened to be a baptism here in Williston. there is a lot that is going on here and will continue to go on then just maybe things wont be so crazy as they are right now.

it makes me happy to know that Elder Leavitt is doing well, as far as i know he intends to come back out after his knee heals. he got out here and about 2 weeks later he busted his knee. that's when president Barry sent him home for surgery. if all goes well its possible he will come back out. it kinda funny that Allison meet him.

i hope everything is going well back home. let me know when you actually move in to grandpa Ogilvie's house. i will change your address with the mission office. love and miss you

Elder Ogilvie

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th, 2012

dear mom

life here has indeed gotten a lot busier. there is some kind of major event every day for the next two weeks whether its swapping companions so the district leader can do his job or, stake conference, a baptism, baptismal interview, we have so much to do and to prepare for especially for this week. next week is only three quarters as stressful as this week will be. at least so far as its planned now.

thank you for taking care of champ for me treat him well. i hope your party was exciting. love you and miss you all very much. thank you for all of the support that you continue to provide. it is much appreciated.

3 Nephi 12

Elder Ogilvie

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad
hi mom i am glad to hear from you, am happy to hear that everyone is doing well, things are going well out here. i did see all the sessions of conference. it took up a whole to days of missionary work. not only did i see the 4 main sessions of conference i saw the general priesthood meeting as well. president barry gave us permission to go see since it doesn't end until 10:00 pm out here.
i hope you didn't worry about not getting an email yesterday. this week is the first week of transfers. due to the in field training i wont be moving. the only difference is that p-day got moved to tuesday. oh and my companion has just been called as the district leader. so now that is going to be a big change. everything just got a whole lot busier. its hard enough to get out to places like dunnellon with our limits. some how we will make it work.
beyond that not much else has changed, give champ a hug for me. it sound to me like you have a lot to do before you can move into grandpa ogilvies house, anyway take care.
Elder Ogilvie

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Dear mom, dad

As i understand it you are going to move into grandma And grandpa ogilvies' house in November. it make little difference which bed you move my stuff into, so long as it. is all there. it sounds like you are very busy at home between getting ready to move and having the Saturn all in pieces. (at least it shouldn't leak oil any more). thank you for the box, it came in the mail on Tuesday. even with all of the bubble wrap the fruit pies did not make it in one piece.

things are going well out here. elder Robinson and myself had our first baptism on this last Saturday and Sunday. getting that all done has proved to be quite the experience with trying to get everyone there on time. i actually ended up conducting the baptismal service. Elder Robinson did the actual ordinance. that was the highlight of the week. 

give champ a hug for me, love and miss you all.

elder ogilvie