Monday, February 24, 2014

24 Feb 2014

Dear Mom,

I finally made it back into my own area, I've missed being here. I've
spent the last week and a half sleeping on the couch. Working with all
four of the elders in third ward. I would float between both of the
companionships. But now I'm with my own companion so I don't have to
be as brother Lowry says "the lone man in the garden of Eden"

We've been trying to get a hold of all the investigators that I was
working with before elder Camarena left, so far... No success. It
pretty well time to simply start over and go tract some new roads.

Elder mellor is pretty cool. He is like a mix of all the other
companions I've had so far. Some of it is good and some of it... I
wish I could get rid of. But it is what it is. We have two more elders
serving here in the Gainesville 2nd ward. Elders maxfield & Capel.
Which has made things much easier for p-day since we are no longer
limited by having to share the car with the sisters who live in the
same complex as us. Elder maxfield is a goof. He is pretty funny to be
around and elder Capel is just plain cool. He is about as green as
missionaries can be. Bishop made him get up I front of the whole ward
on Sunday and talk for about five minutes. A good way to welcome him
into the ward.

Because of the new elders who are working in this ward now we have had
to further subdivide the ward so we aren't double covering areas.
Which has resulted in us losing half of our investigators to one of
the other sister companionships. Though we are vote ting some of their
work to so its a bit of a fair trade. If things work out the way I
think they will we will be biking even further every day and we
already bike between 10 - 15 miles throughout the day. Which usually
eats up about an hour each day to get anywhere and back. A lot of
times we have to bike to the far edge of the area and ward boundaries
to find areas that haven't been worked in for a while. We will be
doing this more often now.

We have a mailbox at the front of our apartment complex so when we get
boxes they are put into a lockbox and they put e key in our locked ail
box so we can pick them up when we come in at night. We have also
become pretty good friends with the mail lady who brings the mail. So
we know really quick when boxes are arriving for us. Yes I did get the

That relief society project sounds really good. I'm guessing that
y'all get a lot of missionaries that come from warmer climates. A lot
of the missionaries that come here tend to forget that Florida and
Georgia still get pretty chilly during the winter even if it only
lasts about two weeks, maybe three. Then it gets warmer again. Then
the cycle repeats two or three time before "winter is technically

It pretty hard for me to believe that carter is older than I was when
he was born. So the idea that he is going to be 13 is pretty crazy.
Who gave him permission to grow up so fast?

You got called to the nursery huh? How is that going? I guess that
since you have all kinds of time to devote to your grandchildren The
Lord figured he could give you more children to look after. I'm sure
you will have all kinds of fun with your new calling.

I'm having fun here, so I hope y'all have fun back home.

Elder Ogilvie

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