Monday, March 24, 2014

24 March 2014

Dear Mom,

It's been an interesting week, we had president interviews, so I got
the opportunity to talk with him about things that are going on in
this area, interviews with president Craig are a lot quicker than when
president Barry was here.

We have still been biking all around the area trying to find people to
teach, and we have been meeting with different members helping them to
identify 12 of their friends who are either, not members or who are
completely inactive, then prayerfully invite 1 of them each week to
come to church or meet with us ( the missionaries ). So far it is
working, we have just barely started.

This has not been a happy few days for elder mellor, his bike has
started falling apart in some fairly normal ways, but it's been
ruining his week, And creating some tension that does not need to
exist. We got most of it fixed today. So it shouldn't be a problem

For as hard as things are here in Gainesville, this is the one set of
ward leaders that I have so far seen that, has effectively and
efficiently handled every trouble that has come this way, also it's
the only ward that has put any kind of focus on working with the
missionaries in the ward. So I really like the ward leaders here.

We did both of our exchanges this week, so I wasn't in my pun area for
what felt like half of the week. When I went with our district leader
elder tuft, we put my stuff in their apartment before we went out to
work, and elder tuft forgot the key to the apartment, so when the
maintenance man came to fix their ac he locked the door behind him, so
when we returned that night we were locked out of the apartment, we
almost had to spend the night in the apartment of the other 3rd ward
elders down stairs, fortunately for us the front office happened to be
open till late that evening so after a few phone calls and a miracle
from Heavenly Father the maintenance man cam and unlocked the door for
us. That particular day was full of prayers being answered, as it
turns out elder tuft and his companion elder pili's bikes are both
broken, so when we went Tracting that day and we Tracted into a man
who had two extra bikes that he just gave them. So there is a miracle
or two to consider this week.

As for the family that we Tracted into on Super Bowl Sunday, we had to
drop them. They refused to believe that the Holy Ghost would bear
witness of the message, they only wanted historical proof of the Book
of Mormon and restoration of the gospel. Some times that's the way it
goes, the people we often expect to be the ones who will receive the
message, are often the ones that don't, and the people that we don't
think will, quite often do.

It seems like every conference has brought out some new catch phrase
from a current apostle. I can't wait to hear what amazing messages we
will hear in two weeks.

Now my letter is getting long too. So I hope y'all. Have a wonderful week.

Elder Ogilvie

Love y'all

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