Monday, March 17, 2014

17 March 2014

Dear mom,

I love you! It dound like y'all are having a great week. It's been
interesting and hard week for us here. That's so funny that carter got
a call from someone looking to hire me.  Imguess that means that there
are places for me to go work when I return.

Things are going kinda well, it could still be better, but it's good
enough for now. Presidents interviews are this next week, so I'm
looking forward to that.

For fun today we are going to go visit "the  Swamp" I will try and
send a picture.

Cool missionary experiences are to be found everywhere. Some times for
us when it seems like everything is going wrong, the cool moment is
when we find the one person who actually invites us back. That
happened last night. I also think I've found some one that I can begin
to teach online, through facebook. Somehow doing it that way is way
harder than it sounds, and it doesn't sound easy at all. We tend to
think everyone is online all the time, which is partially true, but
when we get online at the appointed time people aren't on facebook. So
when I do find someone it is a miracle. I suppose the same could be
said for normal missionary work.

It will be fun for y'all to have family around for general conference,
is grandma having a big Easter party that Sunday? Or are the parties
pretty much done? It's weird to think that this general conference has
come again so fast, I wonder what inspired council will be given this
year. Also what the total count of full time missionaries is at, I
know last I heard it was over 90,000. The church has grown a lot in
the last five years. ( I've been looking at the statistical reports
from each of the conferences)

You should follow Logan's advice to pray for missionary experiences
EVERY DAY! The Lord wants to give them to you. That goes for the whole
family. He is waiting for you to do your part so he can bless the
people around you and you too.

This last week we had a former investigator call us and ask us to come
back, he told us that he got a an answer that god really does exist,
he said he didn't believe me, but when he did what we asked him to do
he got an answer to the questions that he asked, now he is a more
solid investigator. God answers prayers, it may take weeks... It may
take months, but with real intent and a humble heart god will answer

Now my letter is getting long so I hope y'all have a wonderful week,love y'all
Elder Ogilvie

Love y'all

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