Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 April 2014

Dear mom,

First of all this week is transfers. And they are kicking me out of
Gainesville :(. Now I am going to the beach, Jax beaches to be exact.
So now I am attempting to pack up all of my stuff which is
surprisingly a lot.

So this week has been really crazy. We found an investigator that has
had some pretty interesting experiences with god. We also were
teaching a lesson out on the front porch of this investigator when a
member looking to move into the area came up to us in the middle of
the lesson, and stuffed $100 bill in the front pocket of elder
Mellor's white shirt and walked away before we could properly reject
it. The crazy part is that the next day we were working online at the
front office of our apartment complex, when this member came up to us
& introduced himself.

This has also been one of the hardest for getting anything done, or
feeling like we accomplished anything. All of our investigators have
gone done disappeared. Where they went I do not know. People and their
agency, it's making us look bad :).

This was our fast Sunday so there wasn't really any specific topics
that got discussed. We did do a lesson on prayer for gospel principles
though. It has happened many times since I've been out here where
prayers were answered in ways I never expected. So think about a time
when you got an answer to prayer  that came in a completely different
way than you ever thought it would come.

President Craig gave us the challenge to read the Book of Mormon again
in 90 days. This just after I finished reading it and had moved on to
studying conference talks. So here we go again.

I'm looking forward to going to general conference in the new area.
Hopefully I will be able to get to know the new ward fairly quickly.
I'm sure it will be fun seeing as how I've not actually served in
Jacksonville yet.

You can expect a box to come your way this week, I'm sending home some
books and things I don't need and or want to carry around any more. I
just dropped it off at the post office so it should arrive on

I'm glad to know that everyone is well back home. Enjoy general conference.

Elder Ogilvie

Love y'all

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