Monday, January 27, 2014

27 Jan 2014

Dear Mom,

no I'm not that cold now but its suppose to get that cold again soon. i am happy to not have to deal with trying to ride a bike in the snow, only in cold wind.

this last sunday was stake conference all across the southern region. the priesthood session and adult session on saturday were all about missionary work and setting new ward mission plans and the things members can do to share the gospel with friends and family. ( using mormon words, starting conversations about god, etc). after the priesthood session president craig held an impromptu missionary meeting since he had 60 of his missionaries all in the same place. he took the opportunity to talk about how president kimball prophesied of the day that missionaries would be using the internet to do missionary work and how through that the gospel will go to all the world. then on sunday we had a broadcast session from Orlando where Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke about the doctrine of christ. along with 3 other general authorities. it was broadcast to 48 stakes down here. it was all pretty cool. they announced that last year there were 26 missionaries serving in the gainesville stake in october of 2012 and now there are 60 Full-time missionaries serving in this stake. at least 20 of them are sisters.

most of the stuff i post is already on Facebook on one of the many different pages the are church related or run by the church. that usually where find it, also sites like and and even i have tons of stuff to choose from. one of the things president talked about is that 1 inspired post can reach 50,000+ people. multiply that by 15 million members and missionaries and add on top of that that each member posts more than just one week... that is a lot of people reached. president kimball's words are coming true.

we were on our way to go find one of our investigators who has disappeared since we saw him almost 3 weeks ago and as we were biking up the hill (yes florida has hills) to go see him we had a man stop us to ask for directions back to the freeway then started to ask questions about our missionary work, and about what we are going about teaching. but then whenever we started to explain he would cut us off and ask more questions then followed by the statement " i'm confused" and "i'm all ears" before he would start talking again. he also went off on a rant about voting for mormon leaders because they are mormon for about five minutes when he said that he had to go quickly. and all this happened in the middle of the road on the hill.when it was all over, all we could do was laugh at how strange our encounter with this man was. of every thing that happened that was by far the strangest.

in other news. the mission will be giving all the missionaries mini iPads the first full week of february at zone conference, we know this: 1) because all the leaders each have one already 2) because in the last supplies distribution they did not give us new planners for the next month. 3) president said so. even though they haven't given us the date for when zone conference is yet. so that will be bringing an exciting change for the whole mission. until then we will be using the old fashioned planners. which works pretty well.

i imagine that everyone is doing well back home. it is really exciting that lila os going to be baptized on the 8th of next month. i hope that you have a safe trip up and back. love ya'll!

Elder Ogilvie

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