Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4 Feb 2014

Dear Mom

i love the video of champ. it made me happy. tell champ i miss him. he still looks like the dog i left behind. no i haven't heard from kevin since i left to come out here. it would help if i had his email address or home address but i haven't heard from him in a long time. it sounds to me like every one back home is well and happy.

it has been a good week for us here. even while trying to tract during the super bowl. elder Camarena didn't have a whole lot of hope for us to be able to find anyone who would talk to us during that time. he "laid down the gauntlet" to god and god won. we were out and after having 18 people tell us that the Super Bowl was on told us to leave. that was when we found a lady that would talk with us. we then went to set a return appointment and her husband showed up so we were able to talk with him for a moment. he then offered us pizza while we were there. so we sat down and ate with him and his family as well as share parts of the first lesson with him. then with it being so late he then threw our bikes in the back of his van and he drove us home so were home right when we needed to be. he also saved us a 40 minute bike ride home. god does provide miracles.

this sunday we went over all the basic commandments of the gospel, ever since the beginning of the year we have been doing all the missionary lessons in gospel principles class. this way when ever an investigator comes to church they can learn the basic lessons and hear what some of the recent converts have to say and it gives them an opportunity to ask questions to more than just the missionaries. it works well when we can get an investigator to keep a commitment to come to church.

my bike is working quite well still. being in gainesville has provided the opportunity to have it repaired in ways that have really needed it. the only problems that it has have come because of the fact that it has been very well used over the last 16 months. in contrast with elder Camarenas's bike mine is still in very good shape. his is literally starting to fall apart. he is just borrowing an old bike from a member here in town.

we have not had to many big events happen over the last week. pretty much everything that is going to be happening is happening this next week with zone conference. there they will be giving everyone iPads. one thing i was thinking to get would be a portable home speaker to go with it. that i can connect by bluetooth that way we can use it to show videos and actually hear them. to use we also have several service projects that we will be helping with. just looking at my planner we don't have a whole ton of time where we don't have anything scheduled to be doing. so we will hopefully be having busy and effective week. hopefully.

florid has bi-polar weather it can not make its mind up one day it is warm and the next it is cold. there is no predicting the weather for now we are just happy that it is warm. though from what am told that could be changing again this next week.

have fun at springs this week end while dad has fun down in arizona. i hope all continues to be well at home.

Elder Ogilvie

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