Monday, January 13, 2014

13 Jan 2014

Dear mom

this week has been busy. we have been going all over the place to everything that we need to. we are at no loss for work. Woo-Hoo! it is about time. also it has gotten warmer too. the cold weather is gone at least for the next couple of days. which makes it easier to do. we have been blessed to have 1 investigator to be able to work with right around where we live so we don't have to bike forever to find someone to talk with when we have limited time. that and we also have some people who seem to actually have some genuine commitment to finding out about the gospel and the book of mormon. we even have one who has agreed to be baptized on february 9th. it would be sooner but he is going on a vacation and won't be back to have a date any sooner. i think i found him on Facebook so should be able to start teaching him there while he is away.

we were able to help move in some large furniture for some members who moved into the ward. for now there will be two adams families in this ward for about another month before the first adams family moves out. we also have a lot of members all moving in to the same neighborhood. i can think of six families that have all moved in and four of them are on the same road. thats a lot of members all in the same place for florida.

we have a new district leader for the district that i am in and he happens to have just been released form being the assistant to president. so i suspect that things are going to be somewhat interesting around here as we see what changes he brings in to the area. hopefully things continue to get better for us. i certainly hope that the way things were this week aren't just a once in 6 weeks deal.

it has been a long time since I've said "Hello Champ". so here it is. i wonder if he still knows who i am? i don't think that sydney and champ have any problems with each other.

we don't have anything super exciting that is coming in this next week, not yet anyway. you asked how often I'm on Facebook? I'm on for about an hour everyday. usually just to send and check messages and find people to teach. sometimes i post something that i think will benefit someone I'm working with. other efforts as inspired to do. ask people for online referrals. if by chance you have someone in your friends list that needs/wants to hear the gospel invite them to friend me or you local missionaries (if they are on Facebook).

i hope things are well back home!

Elder Ogilvie

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