Monday, January 20, 2014

20 Jan 2014

Dear Mom,

you know i don't like pictures of myself, you only have to look at the pictures of springs wedding for that. i do have some good ones i haven't posted yet and some I'm not sure i can put up. i think by comparison i am a lot happier in the pictures i put up. when sister barry tried to take my picture one time. just before they left. she tried what seemed like 30 times (alex can probably appreciate this) before she got one that was good. and we were laughing the whole time. so just because i don't have a smile in a picture does not mean that i was unhappy the whole time.

thats good that you got to talk with jerry (not that i actually know or remember who he is). but yes being able to use things like Skype can be a wonderful blessing in staying connected to anyone and everyone we know and love.

no i never get any holidays, i didn't even know today was one until yesterday, and even then it didn't matter enough to us to make any difference seeing as how today is p-day anyway.

this next week we are having an early stake conference. so instead of 3 hours of church we get 5 yay!!!!!. this time though. the main meeting is going to be broadcast from orlando. so i don't really know why. i figure its got to be something more important that normal. they have said it will have to do a lot with hastening the work. so i suspect that's what it will be. we had some of the stake presidency members come and speak in this ward on overcoming addiction and serving others. they tied the two of them together very well.

florida just can't make its mind up, one day it is freezing cold, the next it's hot, than its warm during the day and cold at night, or cold during the day and warmer at night. so yeah the weather can't make its mind up.

we have found several families that we can start teaching just as soon as we can get appointments that will be kept. the ward has also released over half of our amazing ward missionaries. either because they have moved away or been given a new calling. so we are hoping bishop call some new ward missionaries soon. we defiantly need some extra help now.

hope all is well at home.

Elder Ogilvie

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