Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16, 2013

Dear Mom,

I think everyone is ok back home. at least that is what i get from reading your letter. the deck is starting to look really good now. you don,t have that much to do, before it is all done, right?

we have some exciting news. we found a lady that could be baptized pretty soon. but there is a lot of things still standing in the way. we think that she can make it but it will take a while before she actually get baptized. the whole story is pretty long and a little bit to much to write in a letter so it will be an interesting thing tat happens in the next couple of weeks.

the little branch here in darien does not have very many youth all together let alone what we might call much of a primary. so the chances of the branch having a primary program is slim to none. our young mens and young womens programs are not any bigger. we have for the last 4 weeks had to teach the youth sunday school class. each time we have had no notice that we were teaching either. we have been filling in for the teacher that they have yet to call.

we have been asked to speak this next sunday. we are always busy on sunday during church doing one thing or another. its always something. we also usually need to help with passing the sacrament since we do not have enough worthy young men to do it. then we are normally sitting in on the young men's lesson in priesthood.

we haven't had any trouble with the weather over the last week. it has stayed pretty pleasant.

we have been on three exchanges with the missionaries in brunswick this week and we have to do three more this week. we have to do a total of 6 exchanges and do one with the missionaries in kingsland.

we are busy this week and next. i hope your week is busy too.

Elder Ogilvie

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