Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 Sept 2013

dear mom,

i have the pictures to send home so i will send them as soon as i can write the letter that goes with it. :) i don't remember what the last picture that i sent was so there will be some pictures i skip sending. i saw the picture of the deck. it looks like it will go together just fine. keep up the good work.

crazy dog. tell him i miss him. i have a dog story of my own to tell. we were doing a little bit of unplanned service for a less active member. and his friends dog was in the yard and as we went to walk out the dog decided to take a chomp at my leg. one of his teeth went right through my slack fabric (without doing any damage to the slacks) and put a small hole in my leg. it only drew a little blood, but i am ok.

we get asked a few crazy questions every now and then but for the most part people around here don't ask them all that much since the place has had so many missionaries talk with every single person. those who do ask already know the answer and just ask because they can or they don't really care to know the answer. i've talked with a few people like that. of the questions that do come up polygamy is the most common. that and the word of wisdom. i did have one investigator ask me about God living on kolob once. that one was unexpected.

Darien has been fun to be in and i will still be here for another transfer. elder Nephi (yes, Nephi) smith is my new companion. or at least he will be on Wednesday. transfers is tomorrow.

talk with you later. have a good day, and a fantastic week.

Elder Ogilvie

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