Monday, September 23, 2013

23 Sept 2013

Dear mom,

tings are going good here in the little sleepy town of Darien, GA. this last week has been one of complete exhaustion. after 3 exchanges which felt like 4 since there was one day that i was back with my companion, in the middle of the other 3 exchanges. a lot of service for various people both members and non members. what our branch mission leader basketball ministry, where we open the cultural hall to bring in the younger generation and introduce them to the church. and doing everything we can to help our sole investigator find her way to baptism. which is proving way harder and stressful than any other. mostly because of the way it all started. oh and we ha to speak in church on Sunday. i'm not really even sure if i remember everything that actually did happen it seems like i left something important out?

i will be looking forward to general conference in what is only two weeks away. did it really come that fast again? didn't we just have one in April? it sure seems like it. we will be able to watch it at our little branch building. it has its own little satellite receiver in it. when this baptism happen the way it is planned it will be done the Sunday before conference which is this coming Sunday. and the confirmation will be done the Sunday after that. then i will probably be transferred.

you see this baptism all started about two weeks ago when we found out that a member we are working with married a non member with the agreement that if they were to get married she would join the church. we did not find out any of this until they were already married. that is when she came to church for the first time. and now the whole thing is sort of a mess. but it is slowly getting better. i am hoping and praying that it all works out okay.

speaking in church was kind of fun. and hard. you can probably guess what the topic i chose to speak on in church was. it is not that hard to guess. Missionaries talk about it all the time. we were asked last week to give talks so we knew this one was coming. no surprises.

i did find a rain coat that will work but i haven't been able to go get a nicer one, that is more than just a simple poncho made of better materials. the one i have now has saved me from quite a few rain storms so i am in no hurry to find a better coat.
champ knows better than to put himself where he knows he is only going to get his hair pulled. i think Sydney has figured that out too. Brightyn must be having fun if she keeps chasing after the dogs like that. tell her i said hello too. although she still has no idea who i am.

i won't take up anymore of your time today, i'm glad everyone is well.

Elder Ogilvie

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