Monday, September 30, 2013

30 Sept 2013

Dear mom,

i'm happy to know those pictures made it home nice and safe. i thought i put the right zip code on it. i even checked. oh well at least they are there for you all to enjoy. keep looking for the gator. he is in there somewhere... i will let you find him.

poor champ must not be having very much fun now. i forgot that he was even on medicine. does champ still hate to go to the animal hospital or is he okay with it now? tell him i miss him. are there any new funny stories about Sydney? is Brightyn still chasing the dogs around?

the deck is looking good now, whats left to do? or is that it? also what are you going to do so that people don't fall down in the hole for the window? or prevent the grill from falling down in there?

we had a baptism service right after church yesterday. which incidentally marks the one year date for the first baptism i was apart of since I've been out. since general conference is next week. the branch president saw fit to do the confirmation right after the baptism, instead of waiting for two weeks while general conference goes on. our problem is now that we have baptized our only solid investigator we don't have anyone to work with now. so now we are back to finding those who are ready. we have found some potential though so we are not completely with out hope. though we will still be working with our recent convert.

Every Sunday after church we help cook the Sunday dinner/lunch at brother Zorn's home. since he can't do it himself. it can and does become a fellow-shipping and teaching opportunity for us since we usually lead a discussion on the book of Mormon after dinner/lunch

it's about time for us to go and get some other things done today. thank you for the letter. and for letting me know how everyone is doing. have fun back home.

Elder Ogilvie

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