Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28th, 2013

dear mom,

yes i am very happy to see that the earth is not covered in snow.
transfers are on the 13th of February. its a little odd to think that they are only that far away. the most exciting this week has been was having 7 of our investigators show up to church all at once. the best part is that the ward really did their part in making them all feel welcome. than my companion and i proceeded to teach the gospel principals class, so that 3 hour block of church was the most fun we had all week.
i just barely got a letter from spring telling me that my oldest niece is now 7 years old. i already figured carter was going to be a deacon pretty soon. Brighyn can and will come when the lord is ready (his time and our time is not the same). but on that note does Logan and Alex have some kind of definitive due date?
if i haven't told you before both me and my companion are 23. we are the oldest missionaries in our district, but not in the mission. your 10-1 guess is as good as mine. chances are it will happen that way because he has been here for 6 month now. and as i heard it president barry wants us each to serve in 4-5 areas throughout our missions. we are still having to use our car and bikes in the same day often we find that we have to park the car and go walking just so we don't run out of our miles limit. but that's where we are suppose to be any way. :)
i think the Branford ward has lost a little bit of faith in previous missionaries and the missionary work here. this was evident in the results from the work in 2012. and the fact that they set such low goals for the whole year. and as it looks now things are a lot better than they were 6 months ago.
i hope you have lots of fun back playing in the snow. love you all
Elder Ogilvie
-"Called to serve" Mysterious third verse
Called to be a chosen generation
Preach my gospel is a sacred call
JAX is white and ready now to harvest
We go forth to gather all
-Chorus (third verse only)
Onward, ever onward
Teach and baptize in his name
Onward, ever onward
Every member we retain; go
Forward, pressing forward,
As a triumph song we sing
God our strength will be;
press forward, ever called to serve our king.

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