Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dec 24, 2012

Dear Mom
When i got your letter last week i figured i would get the box on either tuesday or wensday. i had thought that it had come on tuesday untill i checked the name on the box and that one was for another missionary who no longer lives here. but no worries i did get the box and the christmas joy that it contains. thank you for the gps. it has already saved us quite a few headaches and lost hours. the ward here has been giving us lots of food and candy and we had a solid dinner appointment just about every night last week. with all of that we dont have to worry about getting food for the next two weeks or so. which is nice.
im glad to see that the lord provided a christmas miracle for every trial that has come your way in the last week. and i am realy happy that grandma nesbitt is doing very well now. i hope she continues to get better quickly. over the last couple of weeks out here we have had one of the older members of the ward in the hospital with a swollen spine. while there he managed to find the elders in gainesville a couple of new people to teach. we think he ended up there simply to do missionary work. he is by far the best member missionary i have ever met.
when i was in williston we were teaching the gospel principles class. it was actually setup and run by the ward mission leader. i would teach about every three weeks. i taught that class the first week i was in williston and the last week i was there. we are suppose to have it here in branford to but there is essentially no purpose because the only people who should attend that class are either totally inactive or out of state. the only recent convert we have is currently in the phillipenes and wont be back for another month atleast. that and we dont currently have a ward mission leader.
thank you for all of your support,
with lots of love,
Elder Ogilvie

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