Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013

Dear mom

another week is gone. nothing really exciting has happened although it has been one of our better weeks for actually being able to catch people to teach.which has been totally odd because all of our investigators have gotten sick. which means we couldn't go teach them.

we have been working with a lot of less than fully active members as of late. many of whom have not come to church in years. and we found a former investigator who went missing a couple of years ago. whom my companion and his last companion tried to find and couldn't. turns out she moved down the street.

after the excitement of having 7 investigators show up to church last week. we had all of 2 show up this week. one of whom comes to church every other week like clockwork. the other is an unbaptized youth. everyone else was ill. one of our investigators got really sick and cancelled the appointment just before we were about to drive out her way. not ten minutes latter we get a call from her daughter (who lives in Pennsylvania and who just became a member two months ago) telling us to go give our investigator a priesthood blessing. so we did.

we determined that our District mighty prayer's just aren't working for us. but normal prayer works. every time we get together as a district to pray for our investigators. something always prevents that ting we prayed for from coming to pass. example: we pray that an appointment will hold, ten minutes later we get a call cancelling the appointment for... reason. but when we just pray as a companionship. we don't get the extra opposition. and the appointment goes through. i don't understand it, neither does my companion, or our district leader.

but for the most part things are going all right. i will wait for the box to come before i say more.

Elder Ogilvie

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