Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14th, 2013

Dear mom
thank you for the picture of utah under 18" of snow. it was good, for a laugh. i havent quite been out 6 months yet that wont be untill february (next month). and really has not felt like ive been out as long as i have. there are days that do feel super long. mostly tuesday wensday and thursday. beyond that everything else just zips by like a car on the highway. and january is half gone.
i hope mark and ashely had a good open house at the stadium. it sounds like it was fun. i hope champ is having fun in the snow. i am personaly happy i dont have to put up with that cold wet stuff. its still pretty warm out and its starting to get hotter for now.
it really wont be long untill you are going to have a new granddaughter. it looks like all your family pictures will be out dated pretty soon.
things are going well out here we just had a meeting with our ward to start more interaction with the members in getting them to do the missionary work in finding those who are ready to here and recive the gospel. we have been having a hard time getting members to help in the finding part of the work. but when we do get help we usually find some one worth finding. this last time it ended in finding people who are trully prepared to listen and to act on the gospel they are reciving.
hope things are going well and continue to go well. may the lord bless everyone back home.
Elder Ogilvie
i know there are people in utah too. so be nice to them, find someone for them to teach. they are there, somewhere, hidding in plain sight.
D&C 123:12

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