Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 17, 2012

dear mom,
its nice to know everything is well at home. we had our big mission christmas party this last thursday.a whole day spent in jackson ville. we had quite the time finding our way down there. it was all kinds of fun to see what has been happening across the mission. we also had a nativity devotional that was well put together.that was really the big thing that took place this whole week. i think ive been to as many christmas celebrations out here as there are family parties at home. there is always some kind of ward function they are telling us that we should be attending. which is good because there is almost always someone we need to go talk to there.
sounds to me like everything is under control and you have some time to spend with spring, craig and the little children before christmas day.that is wonderful. what are you going to do without me for christmas? this will be the first time in years you will have celebrated with out any of your children being home.
thank you in advance for the christmas box and all it contains, and thank you for all of tha prayers in our behalf. we will do our best to get things done out here.
elder ogilvie
Luke 2:1-16 (read christmas eve night)

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