Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad
hi mom i am glad to hear from you, am happy to hear that everyone is doing well, things are going well out here. i did see all the sessions of conference. it took up a whole to days of missionary work. not only did i see the 4 main sessions of conference i saw the general priesthood meeting as well. president barry gave us permission to go see since it doesn't end until 10:00 pm out here.
i hope you didn't worry about not getting an email yesterday. this week is the first week of transfers. due to the in field training i wont be moving. the only difference is that p-day got moved to tuesday. oh and my companion has just been called as the district leader. so now that is going to be a big change. everything just got a whole lot busier. its hard enough to get out to places like dunnellon with our limits. some how we will make it work.
beyond that not much else has changed, give champ a hug for me. it sound to me like you have a lot to do before you can move into grandpa ogilvies house, anyway take care.
Elder Ogilvie

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