Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Dear mom

yesterday was he coldest day so far. the humidity is really what makes the weather cold. but everything is sill very much green. the only white we see out here is gators getting into the baptismal font. but that is the best place to see white for a missionary. October isn't even over and you are all only one event planned that far out. that is the Christmas mission Conference. beyond that there really isn't any major events going on just the individual ward parties. the last one i missed because Elder Robinson and myself were in cross city for 48 hours doing companion exchanges with them in their area. it was a unique experience to be even farther into the middle of nowhere Florida.

it sounds o me like you will be busy up in Boise with spring and Craig going through the Boise temple open house. that is really what i miss more than anything else is going through the temple. the one closes o the mission is the Orlando Florida temple. i hope you have lots of fun.

give champ lots of love for me. i will be sure to change my home address with the mission office
do you have my bishops e-mail address?

Elder Ogilvie

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