Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

dear mom

its good to hear from you again. thing seem to be going well out here. this last week was quite the adventure. elder Robinson had to go off to District leader training so i spent two whole days with the elders in Chiefland. it was quite a bit of fun to go essentially follow them around and learn how they do missionary work. then on Friday i went off to work with one of my fantastic zone leaders. that Friday also happened to be a baptism here in Williston. there is a lot that is going on here and will continue to go on then just maybe things wont be so crazy as they are right now.

it makes me happy to know that Elder Leavitt is doing well, as far as i know he intends to come back out after his knee heals. he got out here and about 2 weeks later he busted his knee. that's when president Barry sent him home for surgery. if all goes well its possible he will come back out. it kinda funny that Allison meet him.

i hope everything is going well back home. let me know when you actually move in to grandpa Ogilvie's house. i will change your address with the mission office. love and miss you

Elder Ogilvie

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