Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Dear mom, dad

As i understand it you are going to move into grandma And grandpa ogilvies' house in November. it make little difference which bed you move my stuff into, so long as it. is all there. it sounds like you are very busy at home between getting ready to move and having the Saturn all in pieces. (at least it shouldn't leak oil any more). thank you for the box, it came in the mail on Tuesday. even with all of the bubble wrap the fruit pies did not make it in one piece.

things are going well out here. elder Robinson and myself had our first baptism on this last Saturday and Sunday. getting that all done has proved to be quite the experience with trying to get everyone there on time. i actually ended up conducting the baptismal service. Elder Robinson did the actual ordinance. that was the highlight of the week. 

give champ a hug for me, love and miss you all.

elder ogilvie

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