Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

dear mom,

here has come another week of fun adventures, transfers were on wednesday, and i got my new companion. Elder Camarena. he is waiting on his visa to go to Sao paulo Brazil. seeing as how we are in a bike area and he didn't have a bike. we have been stuck walking for a couple of days. that being said we found an extra bike that a member is willing to lend us for now. we also got a break in that the mission office is now has us in a car share with the sisters that live in our same apartment complex. they still get the car most of the time since the way the ward is divided they have to go 12 miles out of town to Newberry just about every single day. president told us that the mission only gets 102 cars for the now 135 companionships of missionaries

as far as any work was concerned we weren't able to to do much between transfers and thanksgiving, and all the extra studies that come with training a portuguese missionary. this next week should produce more for us to go and do.

thanksgiving was good. we had a lunch and a dinner appointment. all of it was amazing. poor Elder Andersen got transferred the day before his birthday which also happens to be thanksgiving day. our ward missionaries who fed us is a professional chef and he cooked a habenero turkey. it was delicious. it was a new twist on an old favorite. we were by no means on our own for thanksgiving day.

Tresa must be doing very good. that is super good to hear. it has been a long time since i've heard anything about her working anywhere. if i ever have before. is Tresa liking working for the energy solutions center? keep showing her love and support. overcoming the things that she is, is by no means easy.

i will be looking for the box to be headed my way. you know i will be rooting for RSL to beat KC.

i've already been through what was suppose to be a big tropical storm, but by time it reached us it was just a big storm. it didn't even deserve the tropical storm status. back when i was in darien we had a big one that knocked over a couple of large trees. though it only lasted about 30 minutes before it had completely passed through town, but we did have to go find shelter for that little bit of time. it was funny because we got the storm warning 5 minutes after we were being blown over and pounded in to the ground by the rain. i like the rain for the most part but when it rains for 4 and 5 days in a row and can't stay dry to save our lives then i get sick of it really fast. thats about how things were about 2 weeks ago.

your life back home seems to be as crazy or more than mine has been this last week. I'm glad to hear that everything is working out for ya'll. take care and i will write again next week.

Elder Ogilvie

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