Monday, December 23, 2013

23 Dec 2013

Dear mom,

so i will likely be calling at around 1 pm your time, if everything goes the way we believe it will. thats about the best i can do.

yeah we had a christmas centered theme for our sacrament meeting out here to. we had a couple of special musical numbers and bishop got up and said a few words. it was good.

seeing as how saturday was the first day of winter it was more like the middle of july, very hot and and humid. but thats alright considering that most of the time it gets terribly cold when the sun goes down around here.

i got the picture of lila and susanna, and jack? that little boy looks to big to be jack. anyway the picture was good.

this last week has been absolutely the slowest week for getting anything done. the more we tried to do the more opposition got placed in our way. we did however finally get interviews from president. which took all day long. we were suppose to have ours at around 2:30 and be done by 3:30 but they got way behind and we weren't done until almost 6:00. and between meetings and all the other stuff we have to do.we haven't had much time to do much of anything. not accounting for the half hour it takes to go anywhere and another half hour back.

you may find it amusing that we found a new gator. who has the same first name as the savior. but he is from puerto rico so it is pronounced differently.

yes i did get the christmas box with everything in it. it made my christmas a lot better and it was already good. i hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year. talk with ya'll on wednesday.

Elder Ogilvie

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