Monday, December 16, 2013

16 Dec 2013

Dear Mom,

christmas is almost here and you probably can't wait to hear my voice. this christmas has been coming remarkably fast. i didn't think it would come so fast. at a computer ready to Skype. (sometime after 11:30) thats the best i can do right now. i will be calling dads account unless you give me different instructions :) if all else fails though, who's phone do you want me to call?

we have had two christmas parties this last week and the ward party for 2nd ward and the mission party, thank you to everyone who sent letters and cards they made christmas that much happier. i had a lot of fun trying to track down former companions and friends at the mission party and enjoyed the christmas musical devotional that came with it. the ward party was a night in bethleham, so everyone dressed up in time period clothes and the cultural hall was decorated like the market place. everyone was summoned by order of agustus Caesar to come to pay their "taxes" (food for the food drive) and add their name to the census. we were the roman centurions there taking the census as everyone came in. it was fun.

i did talk about an activity that we had last week that sound like basically the same thing.

i wish i was still in darien, i really liked it there. but the lord needs me here and so here i will be. the ward here is wonderful. and so are the people. i do remember why i like singles ward and older wards. trying to get something out of sacrament meeting is so much harder when there are little children left and right that are screaming for attention. being in church is a noisy experience at best on a normal day. the quietest day was by far when the primary was doing their program. it was great.

as far as Facebook rules are concerned, i can friend immediate family members and friends back home, but i can't chat over Facebook. however if i am teaching someone through chat i can invite family and friends in to chat to help the person we are teaching online. thats pretty much it. if you do message me don't expect me to reply over Facebook.

last night we were out working around a less active member of the ward and someone we talked with called the cops on us. not that the cops can do anything to us. ( we are not soliciting ). so it was really more amusing than anything else for us. i've never had anyone actually call the cops on us before. apparently there has been a series of break ins over there, at least thats what the cops said. i don't think we are headed back that way after dark anymore. we will go back during the day.

we don't ever have time to decorate our own apartment, but we are going caroling several times during this next week. we already did it once as a district, and we are going as a ward mission this next saturday. we do have one appointment for christmas.

i hope you have a:
Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year,

Elder Ogilvie,

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