Monday, July 29, 2013

29 July 2013

Dear Mom,

things have been going good here. i guess you are going to have a house full again this year to. just like you did last year right before i left to come out here. is everyone coming down to be at snowbird or are they all coming the week before?

there hasn't been anything really new happening. we still face some of the same challenges of finding people to teach that we have faced from day one since i've been in darien. this is really a big part of why it is so important that members do the finding. members are way more sucessful at it than we are in terms of finding people who are truly ready for the gospel. often times we will find people but they don't truly have enough interest in it to really go somewhere with it.

with all the changes in missionary work its not suprising to hear about. thank you for taking good care of the missionaries there. im sure they appreciate it quite a bit. especialy at the end of the month. the members here tend to do a good job of making sure we are well taken care of, if and/or when we need things.

sydney will eventually figure out that she has found a new home and one that she will come to love. has champ gotten use to having her around all the time. has she learned how to beg at the table for scraps yet?

well i hope ya'll are having fun back hope and i hope family vacation goes well.

Elder Ogilvie

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