Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013

***A note from me - Kyle is still in the Jacksonville, FL Mission. The Georgia Macon mission formed right to the north of them, and Kyle is serving just to the south of the cut-off line.  Kyle's mission lost some missionaries to the new mission, but Kyle was fortunate enough to stay.  I can't help but think that will make his mission map easier when he comes home. 
Oh, and BTW, Ky's hump day (1/2 way done) is exactly one month from today!!!***
dear Mom,

there have been a lot of things that happened this last week, first and most importantly i met president and sister Craig. we has a zone meeting and they came to meet all the missionaries up here in Georgia. they also did a little presentation on who they are and where they come from. then President Craig started talking about how everything will be changing in the next year. more details on what was talked about in the world wide training conference.

the fourth of July aside from being a national holiday, was also our day to go do service for brother Zorn (who lives on on one quarter of a lung and still faithfully makes it to church every week). also we have another investigator who put on a little dinner party that we were invited to. the best part is everyone who attended the dinner were all members of the church except for our investigator. fellowship works!

i do not have a missionary Facebook page . yet. believe me you will know if and or when i get called. though i have had companions who have been called to do Facebook work. that is a funny statement, Facebook work. anyway, that's only a small part of everything that is changing. eventually in the next couple of months we are suppose to be given smartphones and tablets to do pretty much everything with. at least according to president Craig. oh he has also pretty much outlawed backpacks and tracting. its really like he will be outlawing, it will probably happen right about the time all the changes take effect.

this next week is going to be more busy than the weeks before. we have some kind of significant thing happening just about every single day. which is really sounds to me like you and dad have yourselves another home construction project. there is always some kind of home improvement to be done at home. bathrooms, basement, porch. at least you are staying busy. it sounds to me that you had a fun and good week at home i home the next one is just as good.

Elder Ogilvie

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