Wednesday, May 1, 2013

29 April 2013

dear mom,

transfers are on Wensday, elder Buhler will be leaving and elder Cockrell will be my new companion. i will be staying in Palatka the three I've been with for 6 weeks have been elders Holt, Huntington, and my companion elder Buhler. unfortunately elder Holt had to go home yesterday for medical reasons. so for the next day or so elder Huntington will have to run around with us. in transfer calls last night we found out that we don't have enough sisters available to train all of the new sisters coming out so there will be missionaries who will for a period of time train each other to do missionary work.

you are not the only ones who had to speak in Sunday the ward here had a missionary sacrament meeting. so our ward mission leader had to speak along with me and elder Buhler i spoke on finding "lost sheep" (less active members) and elder Buhler spoke on helping less active members bring their non-member friends. Sunday proved to be our busiest day last week. between speaking in church, and the baptism of the family that we have been working with since i got here. oh which reminds me we've been working with a family of 6 and four of them got baptized about 45 minutes after church. they also had a little tiny wedding right after church. before the baptismal service. we had a lot of people show up to that which made everyone happy. we are looking forward to their confirmation this next coming Sunday.

i don't know for sure when we will be able to call home on the 12th when i find out i will do my best to make sure we call when you can pick up the phone. thank you for sending me brads email address. i do have a bunch of pictures to send you if i can ever get to a place where i can get some good prints. eventually i will just send you the card after its all full. i have no idea when that might be.

I do need you to send me some eraser refills for the cross pen you sent me. the erasers refills you sent me originally don't work. they are too small. i would like for you to send me another thin journal like the last one you sent me. it has the scriptures at the bottom of every page. also some fine point pens to write with. by the way i like writing little. then i can write more.

no i haven't seen any gators of the animal kind though i have heard that they are running around in the st johns river.

i'm quite glad that Brightyn has her two parents wrapped around her little finger. now they cant get away.

its been raining on and off for the last few days. yesterday we had some typical Florida weather and it was raining on one side of the street but not on the other. love and miss ya'll

Elder Ogilvie

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