Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013

Dear Mom

I hope you had a wonderful mothers day! i wasn't sure if you had a way to Skype, i am glad that we got to do that. i'm grateful that the Cutrer family let us use their computer to do that. we will just have to wait and see if we can do it on Christmas.

Sunday after the call was just as crazy as the rest of Sunday. because we were just given a ride over to the Cutrer families house all we could do the rest of the day was go tract around their neighborhood. so for about 3 hours that's what we did. though we did receive 10 referrals to go contact, so we were pretty busy with those all night. we had to have the second ward missionaries come pick us up at the end of the day. but they were super late by time they got to us.they had to drive from the other side of the st johns river and they didn't leave until 9. now because elder Huntington is district leader. he had to drive to pick us up, record what everyone in the district did for the week and do everything else all at the same time. it was really late by time they were anywhere near us.

if everything goes as it should and as its planned there will be another baptism this Sunday. there are just some commandments that he has to learn and a baptismal interview that will happen towards the end of this week and it will all be good.

i'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures and letter i wrote on the backs. i should be able to send a few more now that i have access to a store that will print them.

i hope you have fun with you grand children,

Elder Ogilvie

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