Tuesday, April 23, 2013

22 April 2013

dear mom,

we had a pretty busy week. we were always off to go find someone new.we did a lot of trying to find new investigators and it did work. its also been raining on us every time we have to go use our bikes. it hasn't really been raining super hard. just enough to make sure that everyone and everything get and stays wet.whats really fun to watch is how since its still hot out side most of the time the rain almost as soon as it hits the roads it just evaporates.

thank you for sending me the email addresses for the rest of the family. its greatly appreciated.

it sounds to me like just about everything has changed since the last time i got to see everyone and it hasn't even been one whole year. things change out here all the time i don't even know half of whats going on in any given moment because it probably just changed 5 seconds ago. that seems to happen a lot.

I'm pretty sure i told you already but i will say it again. not this transfer but the next one there will be sister missionaries coming to Palatka to serve along side the elders that are already here. so while BYU and other colleges are losing students, heavenly father is gaining teachers. so it all works out.

we do have a family that will with the lords help be getting both married and baptized this week. that is what we are looking forward to seeing all of that go through. all of the plans have been made now its all about getting it all done. there have been quite a few little miracles that have happened since we started teaching this family. and the closer that the baptism gets the more small miracles are occurring.

things are going pretty good for now. i hope that thing are still alright at home.

Elder Ogilvie

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