Monday, December 10, 2012

10 December 2012

dear mom,
thank you for sending me the driving record, and all of the birthday wishes. not much has changed since last week. still putting all effort in to getting everything done. and there is always more to do so im never board. which is good. cleaning the car here is almost a ridiculous thought. its clean for all of about the time it takes to dry... and then its covered in sand again. i would say that 2/3rds of the roads around here are pure sand, and a few small rocks. we live right down the road from the rodeo. just about every other weekend we hear the announcer as we are getting ready for bed. its like we are at the rodeo without actually going there. branford is more than a one horse town. i found a sign the other day that was a "horse/rider crossing" sign. i dont think ive ever seen that one before.
That is so wonderful that you heard logan and alex speak in church on sunday. the bishop here had elder mihu give a suprise talk on sunday. he actually got the call that he was speaking on saturday night, but still a suprise none the less. fortunatly they didn't ask me to speak they already had me do that last week.
it looks like champ has figured out that grandpa's house is now his home. give him lots of love from me. good luck unpacking all of the boxes. grandpa is right it will all sort out just fine. i hope you have another good week. good bye till next monday.
Elder Ogilvie

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