Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th, 2012

Dear mom
thank you for the letter, i got sent to the Branford FL area. my new address is:
(Contact me if you want his snail mail address)
my new area is a mess. these last few days have been trying at best. the good news is that i do like my companion. elder mihu and i came out here on the same flight together, which means that both of us have just finished the in-field traning. neither of us really knows whats going on.elder mihu has a better idea than i do only because he was trained here. so we are just figuring it out as we go. the lord put us here for a reason, but heaven help me if i know why. thanksgiving was my first day here in branford. we had members calling us all day inviting us to eat with them. so we did. we had a thanksgiving lunch and a thanksgiving dinner. we did not go hungery nor will we with all the left overs that were just plain given to us.
winter here is slowly getting colder. the only reason i can really tell is because its always just about freezing in the house. this missionary residence does not have any effective heating system. thus it is always cold. by time the sun comes up its warmer outside than it is inside, and its still cold outside.
its good to know that you are busy and doing well at home. take care of champ for me. love and miss you all
Elder Ogilvie

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