Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear mom,

thank you for the letter, i'm glad to know that things are going well at home. champ is a silly dog. at least he knows whats mine. and recognizes that i'm gone. give him a hug for me. you obviously had quite a bit of help to get everything moved out of the Murray house so quickly.

i didn't realize or (just plain forgot) that Kendall has any allergies. i hope the doctors will be able to help her.

the most exciting adventure we had this week was getting the inside door handle fixed on the car here in Williston. the handle has been broken for almost 3 weeks now.my poor companion has had to roll down the window and open the door from the outside every time he has wanted to get out of the car. but no more, we finally got approval to drive to Gainesville to get it fixed. it took us two trips. once to find out what needed to be done and one to get it fixed.

i have loved the time i have spent here. and moving on is at best bittersweet. but i will go where the lord sends me. i have most everything packed up to move to the new area. with exception for what i need tonight and tomorrow morning. i'm trying not to forget anything. i do have some more pictures to send you to.

With lots of love,
Elder Ogilvie

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