Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13th, 2012

Dear mom,
i'm glad to hear that you are doing well back at home after that last major snowstorm, i don't think we ever had a snowstorm that big while i was at home. the worst storm I've seen while out here happened a couple of weeks ago. it rained so hard that even when sitting still and the windshield wipers going full blast we couldn't see the road in front of us. it was pretty bad. the weather here has gotten funny the humidity can make mornings and night pretty cold but it is still hot during the day. (oh and its still as green as can be out here.) i hope dad gets the Saturn back in one piece and working again. hopefully it wont leak oil anymore.
thank you for taking good care of champ for me.has he finally accepted that i am not there yet? also it is my bishops email address i want. i have president Barry's. as for Christmas and birthday presents. i have most everything i need.(mo-tab and Efy cd's would be nice though)
as for the article, i am just having lots of fun out here in Florida. and i wouldn't trade my experiences here for the world.
transfers are on the 21st and i will be changing areas. which means i will be spending thanks giving with an entirely different group of people. that will be a fun change. where i go only two people know.
thank you for all your support,i hope everything is still going well at home.
With Lots of Love,
Elder Ogilvie

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