Monday, August 19, 2013

19 Aug 2013

Dear mom,

i just got the mail from snowbird and the letter and pictures it contained. thank you to all the children who drew pictures. they brightened my day. i look forward to seeing the box with the shirts in it.

our georgia weather has been either really hot and humid or rainy. it has rained every time that we have gone out to do anything for the last 4 days. the rain has just today decided to quit. so no doubt will it be getting hot around here again. this last thursday the storm was so bad that trees began to lose some large branches and the steam coming off of the road made it nigh impossible to see anything.

stake conference was this last sunday for us. Elder Corbridge of the seventy came to speak to the stake along with the Orlando temple president and president/sister Craig. elder mcfarlane and i ended up at all 3 sessions but no one we invited showed up to any of them. it was still cool to be there.

yes i do have a fishing rod now. we occasionally go out and see what we can catch on p-day. i do have some pictures to send you if i can ever get to a place to print them. the nearest place to do that would be in brunswick which we wont be anywhere near today. i will try to send some in the next few weeks. i wont need a blank journal for a couple of months. each one will last for about five months total. i have four, two of them filled. i am working on wrtting in number 3. i will need one more for the last 2 or 3 months before i see you again. i will most likly need five in total.

i do like Darien the most of the places i have been. really its about equal with how much i liked Branford florida and the people there. but as a place Darien is way nicer. all i do for online missionary work is make sure that what elder mcfarlane posts is correct and is the best thing that he can post. basically all i do is watch and make sure he doesn't post anything stupid.

i hope you have fun setting up the deck, hope all is well back home.

Elder Ogilvie

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