Monday, March 4, 2013

4 March 2013

Dear Mom,

Nothing to exciting here is happening this week. i did teach gospel principles again this week, but only because our ward mission leader got lost while meeting with the bishop. we thought he had entirely disappeared. if all goes well we should have some good news in about two weeks. stake conference will be this week. the stake president wants all the missionaries to sing 'called to serve' in the Saturday night session. we will see how well that goes.

Elder Albertson is from a little town in Idaho. and he has been out one transfer longer than i have. carters birthday will be on the same day that i mark seven months. so that shouldn't be to hard to remember. yes, i do believe that i know McKenna Murphy. ( if she has red hair that's probably her) if not i at least knew a Murphy that was in my singles ward.

stake conference is the only major thing that i know of before general conference. last month was ward conference. now stake. next month is general. i guess that's the pattern for this part of the year. its strange to think that general conference has come around again. October's didn't feel like that long ago.

I hope you have fun with your new grand baby. and i hope all remains well back at home, love you and miss you all

Elder Ogilvie

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