Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

Dear mom

i have officially moved in at:

(contact me or mom if you need a mailing address - Spring)

its been an exciting adventure to come to a new area. there are actually 4 missionaries serving here. we have to share the car every other day with the elders in the palatka second ward. my companion is elder buhler. and for some unknown reason he reminds me of the charlie brown show. he is pretty fun to be around. because we share the car with the other two elders, we see them every single day. they are both fun to be around two.

the city of palatka is nice. except the drinking water is really nasty. no longer will i have to go shopping at a dollar general for all of my necessities. that is really nice. we get some choices for what to eat at home now.

i really dont mind if you make another plaque. its your choice. if you do though i like Alma 42:31. either way i will still go back to my now old ward to collect the one that was made before i left.

we dont get a whole lot of time to write today because the library limits us to a half hour. even though we get a whole hour & a half by mission standards. we have a family history center here where we would do our emailing but we dont have a key to it like we did in branford.

im glad to here that things are going alright back at home hope you get feeling better soon.

Elder Ogilvie

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