Tuesday, October 15, 2013

14 Oct 2013

Dear mom,
i'm being transferred from darien, we already knew that. now i am going to be in gainesville 2nd ward. there are already apparently 2 more sets of missionaries in that ward, which make a whole lot of missionaries running around in the city of gainesville. i will know next week what my mailing address will be.
this last week has been a trip. we have found a couple of people that would like to hear the gospel. it happens predictably every time missionaries are transferred. speaking of transfers there are now about 300 missionaries in the mission that's about double what it was when i got in the mission.
i saw the picture of the finished deck. it looks good. sorry about the rain. on the bright side its not raining as much here as it has been for the last two transfers. fall has started to kick in so things have been a lot cooler here. it also happened to quit raining at the same time i finally caved in and bought a proper rain coat.
i am happy to know that grandma is doing well, she must like her new room a lot better than the old one. is really any different except that it is closer to the elevator? is everyone still playing cards there in Friday?
don't be surprised if a box comes home some time in the next couple of weeks. there is some things i am just tired of carrying around that i still want but don't want to keep packing from place to place. we will see what happens. extra clothes and stuff. when it shows up just put it with the rest of my stuff i assume its all still packed up from moving.
i can't think of anything else that is going on right now so i will let you and the family go. also did ya'll ever find both alligators? or are they both still hidden well?
Elder Ogilvie

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