Monday, June 17, 2013

17 June 2013

Dear mom,

its been an exciting week here in the Florida Jacksonville mission. i made it to Darien GA alright i don't have a mail box to receive mail at our house. we use a P.O. box

we do have street signs in the main town but they really don't make any sense and they have no real organization to them. there is one section of town that is laid out that has a little but organization.

about the only thing we have to do for p-day is to go fishing and or crabbing, we did that this morning. we caught ten or twelve blue crabs and 5 black tip sharks all about a foot long. apparently they are good eating. i may have to go get a rod and reel its very possible that i will be here a while. fishing is also our main way of finding new people to teach because most of the people we talk to are way more receptive to talking with us when they are fishing or when they see us sitting there fishing.

we have the whole district (us and the 8 missionaries in Brunswick) are going to go try and catch a bunch of blue crab. it should be fun. i dont have any thing big happening right now. i must say that i do love being up here in Darien way more than being in palatka. so far this is the place i like being the most.

the darien area is a small branch of about 50 active members. the cool part is that we actually meet in a church owned and built building. however our chapel and our bball court are one and the same. if we want to play ball in the church we have to take down all the chairs. and if we are holding sacrament meeting we have to set them all back up again. the building is pretty small. but its really a beautiful place to meet.

i absolutely enjoyed receiving the letters from my nephews and nieces. i especially enjoyed jacks.

lila, i miss you too, hope you are having fun

susana, hi i hope you are doing well,

jack, th
sorry, i accidentally sent the letter before i was finished,

jack, hey buddy, have fun with you are sisters and family.

hope all is going well back home.

Elder Ogilvie

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