Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Dear mom,
everything is going pretty well out here. the humidity doesnt bother me as much as it did when i first got here. life out here has found its pattern and now days are flying by. i have met a lot of new people. on the whoole they are truly nice. there are only a few rotten apples in the bunch. ive had a lot of people slam the door in the saviors face. one of which i found incredibly funney. as elders we walked up to the door and knocked. we waited a little bit and knocked again. then a voice rang out from the otherside of the door saying "can't you see there's nobody home" i thought that only happened in silly movies. another person a few days later opened the door promptly declared he was roman catholic and slamed the door shut. but far more often people are either not home or will be kind enough to hear us out.
i dont know where the idea came from about not sending more cookies, i like cookies, that last box spring sent me is all gone, i havent been fed anything crazy out here. no i havent eaten any alligators or things like that. atleast as far as i know. i dont even think ive seen an alligator except for the plastic ones everyone has on their porch, emblems and stickers that are everywhere out here because just about everyone is a florida gators fan.
yes carter the people out here talk funney, though as far as it matters out here anyone not from florida are the ones who talk funney.which means out here i am the one with the funney accent.
sunday and p-day are my busyest two days of the week. so much to do and no time to get it all done. all the other days come and go at a lower level of activity. if only because those days can be planned out monday not so much.
love you all.
elder ogilvie

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